I am formally trained in book indexing. That took about three years. I became an above average professional indexer, but it’s been a while, and I am rusty. I was never one of the greatest indexers. They have more experience, write books and articles on it, teach, and win awards.

Indexing is a subjective business. There are rules, but there are also many judgments to be made. No two indexers will index a book the same way.

This is the first diary I have indexed.

When I say the original index in this book is crap, I do mean that. But so far I have not been able to discover who wrote it. Maybe they threw the typeset manuscript at an intern and said here, you’ve got two pages, we need it tomorrow. This happens all the time.

I hope Leonard didn’t write it. Did he?

In any case, I hope to demonstrate why he or they maybe should have hired an indexer.